Time gets away from us quickly, one minuet its the beginning of the year and we are figuring out what we want to accomplish throughout the months and the next thing we know its Christmas time and the year has flown by. The most important thing to remember when time goes so quickly is to make the most of date nights and enjoy one another company, otherwise time flies by and you realise you don't have time to talk about stupid things and explore the city you live in.

We went to the restaurant Le Rouge, it was a last year Christmas present from Adi's parents that we hadn't 'found the time' to enjoy so did just that. It was mostly yummy (other than a very spicy main course which was not meant to be spicy) and I got to try lots of different flavours and fresh bread which I normally wouldn't.

3x Pumpkin for starters, Ratatouille and French Fries for mains and Baked Chocolate for dessert.

With beautiful interior and a fantastic atmosphere I would definitely recommend trying something new! Adi bought me flowers to start the wonderful evening and we ended it with playing a game of cards that I used to play a lot as a kid. It was all a lot of fun and the best way to take some time out of our lives and just spend it together. I hope some time this weekend you just take a small break and look at all the amazing things that are going on in your life and appreciate the things that are always around you, because life is short and we need to make the most of it.

I spent my day today helping the wonderful @emelieolssons buy the presents for the children that we are helping this Christmas, Emelie has been fundraising money and finding deserving families to help this year to give them the beautiful Christmas that we all deserve. It was a beautiful day and if you head to my Instagram jasminstales you can follow our journey today!

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Yesterday was a beautiful day, it started with a dinner to celebrate the launch of the Melanin box which is an amazing new company that makes a box for each month with beauty products that work for everyone.

The way Aysha (the beautiful women who started this great company) explained it to me was that the thing everyone has in common is melanin, whatever your skin colour, whatever your sex, whatever your way of understanding information we all have melanin and we should all have the equal opportunity to shine and have amazing beauty products. These are beauty products that can work for everyone and on the website there are tutorials for the different products that everyone can understand, whether images are your way of learning or step by step instructions there are options for everyone.

We had a delicious Senegambian dinner made by Kerr Jollof (who is a local family caterer), to have the chance to try a different type of food from a different country and enjoy experiences another culture. It was so wonderful and everyone sat around together chatting and being surrounded by people they don't know, and enjoying every second of it. I went with my beautiful girls @emelieolssons and Olivia to celebrate this event and saw the beautiful work by Chloe Lillo who helped create this event.

There was also the most amazing candy table, it was just full of Swedish goodies which were delicious and sooo pretty! The event was in this beautiful cellar in the old town in Stockholm and mixed with live singing and beautiful decoration it was a night to remember.

The products were beautiful, a lot of them being sustainable and organic which is exactly what this world needs, products that work for everyone and help the planet in one go. I will be showing more of the organic products soon, but the box is beautiful and I love when they are mostly full sized and things that you wouldn't normally think about buying yourself but need. One is the powder from a peel off mask which you mix yourself, I think that is genius and amazing plus fully natural ingredients which allows you to really know what you are putting on your skin. Including a magazine which is dedicated to all the amazing women who are ruling this world, it is the best box to get every month!

Thank you Melanin for the invite to the beautiful event and I look forward to seeing all your work grow and become even more amazing to help pave the future for equal beauty and a change in the beauty industry for people of all ethnic backgrounds and sexes. If you have ever wanted to get a lovely beauty box every month than I highly recommend this one and you can see why yourself on the website here.

I hope you like the pictures and have a great weekend planned, I am having a well deserved date night tonight and helping Emelie tomorrow with the shopping of the wonderful presents for the deserving children this Christmas.



Busy. Busy meeting people. Busy running around. Busy working. Always busy.

I have never been this busy until I moved to Sweden, at first I had all the time in the world trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my time here in Stockholm, but now I realise I have a lot going on all the time and try to schedule in time to just wash my hair. Don’t get me wrong I love it, I love feeling like I am finally living an ‘adult’ life where I have to juggle work, socializing, hobbies and me time but when it comes to Wednesday and I realise that the nice idea of a relaxing weekend quickly disappeared I know that life will be like this from now on, until I go on long holidays, then I can relax. But it is all about making sure you have enough time for me time, even an hour watching your favorite tv program and eating your favorite food will make all the differences for your mental state of mind and help make the busy times more bearable.

Today I sat with Emelie to have a chat about what is next with her amazing charity work and seeing how I could help, finding time in our busy schedules to be able to do as much work as possible together and just trying to fit in a well needed catch up in the space of two hours. We have an exciting event to go to tomorrow which I will be putting up tomorrow and we also went to do some outfit pictures today but ended up having less than 20 minutes before we had to part ways again.

@emelieolssons being as beautiful as ever during our mini shoot.

I am also planning on buying a Christmas tree soon, but I have been doing some research into which type of tree is better for the environment, my mind when to a fake one first, although plastic you do keep it for years and it is better than cutting down a living tree right? Well wrong, I have been doing some research and although it all isn’t black and white it is actually more eco friendly to get a real one. There are some main points though when it comes to buying a real tree to make sure it is greener.

  • 1.Go local, the less the tree has had to travel, the less of a carbon footprint it has.
  • 2.Real Christmas trees can be composted or recycled, where as artificial trees are made of toxic materials that can not be recycled.
  • 3.If you do buy an artificial tree, reuse it for at least 10 years and make sure it is domestically manufactured, non-PVC option to make it less toxic and harmful for your family and the environment.
All of these points where super interesting and made me decide I would like to have real tree for Christmas, I will be looking up where they come from first to try and get one grown as locally as possible and then make sure I recycle it after.

I decorated my parents tree whilst home and set up my favourite German decorations.

I hope these points help if you haven’t already decided on what tree you would like this years and I have attached the link here with more information on why I am buying a real tree this Christmas.

My cute little puppy being all Christmassy too.

So, as I busily plan how to fit everything in before Christmas I hope you like this little planet friendly pointer and understand I will be blogging and posting on Instagram as often and scheduled as possible but a busy busy life sometimes means you have to make sacrifices on what’s most important during a day. If I could do this as a full-time job, that would be really great as I would love to put all of my time and energy into my blogging but hey, a girl has to pay bills.



(The post contains adlinks)

I decided to try different products for the last month and then decide on my favourite routine to reduce bad skin, make my skin really soft and stop the winter from drying out my skin. And here we have it the most amazing products that are making a huge difference in just 2 weeks of making them.

I use the cleanser first to clean all of the debris off of my skin and to make sure I feel all fresh, and then I use the eye antioxidant and then Gel cream to make sure my skin is soft and moisturised.

This has made such a great difference for me, like honestly my skin feels great and it has helped to level out all breakouts and keep my skin feeling very clean and clear. It only gets better as all the products are organic, vegan and the Yves Rocher products are eco friendly packaging.

Find the product here

Find the product here

Find the product here

I love to find products that make a huge change to my skin and are good for the environment, these are my favourite so far. Thank you Vass PR and Spalt for introducing them to me and allowing me to have the chance to really learn that earth friendly doesn't mean you have to reduce the results. You can have the very best care for your skin and make sure that there are zero chemicals or unnatural additives swimming around in your body, plus you can know that the packages don't hurt our planet when we recycle them.

I hope you like the pictures, and I hope you get the chance to try them out, especially the cream as it is so beautiful on the skin.



I am officially 21, Woohoo! I spent the day with my family doing all the things I love like eating and ice skating and just chatting away. I got the have lunch with my parents, brother and Nanny and just be super happy. Nothing beats being with the ones you love and having lots of fun.

It rained a lot in the morning and then was nice and frosty as we walked around the local Christmas market and had a drink in the pub, a nice traditional English evening and then home for a bath with my new bath bombs and a chat with Adi who is still home in Sweden.

I'm not home for very long as I am back to work on Tuesday but it is so nice to go home and pretend to be a child again, to just relax and be looked after and fed. Although I love my independence and being an adult, having my own space and doing whatever I want whenever, I do really miss my family and being around my parents and brother. I appreciate every visit so so much more now that I am far away and know that I will always be able to have such a wonderful relationship with them because we get so little time together.

My bath bombs were all Vegan and smell very very good, Glitterati use natural and Vegan products to look after us and the planet. In the evening I also had a nice walk around the Village I grew up in and went to look at some art for my mum to put up on her walls. I apologise for the lack of pictures and updating, I am enjoying my home time without my phone or laptop and will be back to usual very soon! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, mine will be spent with my family whom I have not seen in a while. and eating all the food I can! I will update soon with a very exciting new tshirt and my favourite pre/post organic makeup routine.