5 top tips on creating lots of picture content.

A recent discussion topic that has come up a lot between my friends and I is getting content for our social media. A lot of my friends work in the blogging/influencing/fashion world so you can be sure that we have our cameras out majority of the time to snap some pictures a lot of the time. It can actually become quite stressful when you realise on a Sunday evening that you have nothing to post because you spent most of the day in bed and need to fall back on older pictures but how can you change that? With in mind the #nouw30daychallenge and trying to blog every single day, I decided to make my own 5 top tips on how I make sure I have lots of photography content for my social media.

1. Don't care!

This is absolutely the most important one that I am only just getting over myself but really need to work on; forget about everyone else, you stand on that chair to get the perfect shot or strut your stuff down the street as your friends click away like paparazzi, don’t care about others, they are just jealous. I am honestly so grateful for being told and made to do this by my friends as now I make the most of every place I go and have lots of beautiful pictures. Its worth just stepping our of your comfort zone every now and then because you never know what type of images you’ll come out with.

2. Always have a camera on you. 

My photography teacher used to say the best camera is the one you have in your hand, and as cheesy as that might sound it is the truth. Today I went to the most beautiful cafe and stupidly didn’t bring my Canon but my iPhone is good enough to get the content I might need for the upcoming week. If you can I always say just bring your camera, if its in your hand then you are going to take pictures and you may never know, you might see some awesome things that can make up a few blog posts or Instagram pictures.

3. Take pictures of everything and keep them.

Now this seems a little obvious I know but you have no idea how many times I look back on my photo album on my phone and see pictures that I just took randomly and disregarded but now work perfect for my feed or a post. This is the best life saver when you’ve had a bad week of content creating and so reuse old ones.

4. Make a mood board. 

This is my favourite thing to do, see a picture on Instagram that you like, screen shot it and store it somewhere. I have an album on Pinterest where I store all the pictures I have seen on Facebook/Instagram/Magazines and can use as inspiration. I use this a lot when making flatlay or product images because I can have ideas but need that final selling point and you’d be surprised by how inspired you can become from others. This is also great when you go on holiday and want to have lots of pictures to last you through the gloomy winter months so you can keep your Instagram looking exciting, its just a great way to take lots of different pictures in the same spot.

5. Get creative and take lots. 

What may feel like a stupid idea at the time can end up being the perfect picture for something else. Take pictures from different angles, jump or spin to change the look of your clothing, focus on one thing in a picture and then something else in another. This way you have always covered every angle and know that at least one picture will be what you want. And finally going on from this is take hundreds of pictures, when I get someone to take pictures of me or do it back I take lots and just keep clicking away because you never know what will turn out looking the best but with 100 to choose from you are covering your bases. I always take a few, have a look at what works and doesn’t and then keeping going until I am satisfied. That may sound very annoying but I always think its worth it in the end.

These are my 5 tips that I try to do every day to make sure I have lots of content to share with you all. I love taking pictures so that helps me a lot but its always fun to have all the memories stored somewhere, even if you don't blog or have an Instagram it is a good thing to live by. When Adi and I finished travelling we realised we didn't take enough pictures together, we have a lot separately but not a lot with the two of us so that is something we try to change every time we do something nice or different together, and my grandparents love seeing them so its a win win.

I hope you like my tips and if you have any others I would love to hear about them, happy relaxing Sunday to you all!




Thank you for the great tips! I'm having a bit of a photography drought myself, mainly because I don't think that anything will be good enough. But something is definitely better than nothing, haha

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