A piece of Bali in Venice

Around the world there are many labels, fashion lines and shops that sell a whole variety of clothing. But what makes a piece of clothing special? Is it the label either hidden inside or splashed on the front of the item, is it the material that shines or hugs your body, is it the limited amount of production or is it the person who wears it? Many things make clothing important to millions around the world. For me what makes what I wear so special is how it makes me feel and what my story behind it is, maybe its a time i've worn it that makes me smile, or where I bought it that brings me joy. So what better way to make yourself feel good in a piece of clothing than to know that it helped someone else and comes from a good background.

The dress featured in this blog post was bought from a little Balinese women, in a small street of Ubud, Bali. I had been searching for a dress that just caught my attention, and when I saw this one I knew I needed to have it. All of her dresses where hand made and individual. It was a dream come true. With two strands that tie around my neck and then two more that cross over my chest and attach at the open back, I knew this was the dress for me. What made me even happier is that I could see that all of the profits of this dress would go straight to the family of the lady who made the dress. To me this is the perfect type of clothing, it brings me memories of the beautiful country Bali, the dress itself isn't mass made but instead a hand made one and that the labour was all from one family working together.

Worn with a pair of comfy supernova adidas shoes, its the best dress for the warm and humid weathers on holiday so exploring the streets of Venice was nice and comfortable. I am a big fan of mixing trainers with a pretty dress giving it a more casual look, I get a lot of pains in my feet when walking so a comfy and sensible shoe for walking is always very important, The cushioned soles on these shoes were perfect for my holiday as they allowed me to walk long distances without too much trouble. What do you all think of the dress? Do you own any personal and special items in your wardrobe? I look forward to buying more items that are more original and are made in special places, I hope you all find small places like that too xx



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