All I need is Tempeh in my life!

For lunch today I went to Icha Icha for lunch. I wanted a Salad or something close before I left for work when I say the magic work Tempeh. This is a traditional soy product from Indonesia which I had very often when I lived in Bali and I loved it. I ate it in burgers, on its own, with pasta and salad and could not get enough of it. But it is super hard to find in Europe which makes me really sad so when I saw that sign I knew that’s what I had to it. It is made from natural culturing that binds soybeans together to create a block form.

It is a high protein alternative to meat but is not anything like tofu. Although I really enjoy tofu this is even nicer, it isn’t a soft texture and has a lot more flavour. It can be put into many types of dishes and honestly if you can try it I would highly recommend it. I had it with egg noodles and vegetables which was delicious.

Icha Icha is also a great place to eat regardless, you get to choose different bases like rice or noodles and then a protein like fish, chicken or tempeh and then a sauce on top. Plus this place is all about the ingredients, its all natural and all the dishes tell you the calorie count so you can be sure to be eating healthy and well. I love restaurants like this that have the right balance of choice, health recommendations and vegetarian food. It was a delicious lunch and I hope you all get the chance to try it xx



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