Blossoms and hand made tops!

This is the most beautiful time in Stockholm, the flowers are all blossoming, the sun has been shinning and Swedish people become nice finally! Its like a magic spell is put over Stockholm and people start smiling more, hanging out with each other and just start having a lot more fun, its very exciting to see and experience.

Last weekend Adi and I headed early into the city to go and have a look at the beautiful blossom trees at Kungsträdgården and have a nice breakfast together. I absolutely love the pink blossoms and blue skies, its insane how a beautiful scene can really transport you and lift your mood. I would legit be happy to just travel around the world to find beautiful fields of flowers and landscapes and take lots of pictures but hey a girls gotta work.

These are my pictures of one of my upcycled outfits. This top was made by my mother and myself from a oversized mens shirt and now is a super cute top and can also be a over the bikini dress without the belt. I absolutely love this as it was fun to make, fits a lot of different sizes and is super comfortable.

Upcycling is just so much fun, you can create whatever you've want and save so much money. I have been having a lot of fun finding different materials at second hand stores and creating new looks that I find on social media, I really love the idea of taking something someone doesn't want and making it into something new. Its so simple and fun but also makes such a difference for the environment, reducing our waste and reusing materials, reducing our carbon footprint but also sharing with others and more importantly companies that we are more interested in wearing recycled, natural and sustainable clothing so that we can make a change and stop the fashion industry being the second most polluting industry.

What do you guys think of the shirt top? I have been a big fan of these types of looks last summer and now am so happy that I have my own and its homemade plus it was like £2/25SEK for the shirt, second hand, which is huge plus. I will be taking more pictures of this shirt as a dress and I will probably be making a few more. This weekend I am going to England to celebrate my brothers birthday and see my family which I am very excited about so will have a lots more outfit pictures to show you and hopefully so travel inspo as I'll be spending some time in London. I hope you like these pictures and I would love to know your favourite place to take flower pictures in whatever country!



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