Break time

Yesterday I decided to have a day off social media, no matter how much I enjoyed the 30 day challenge and everything I learnt from it, I felt it would be a good idea to just have a day of nothing and rest. Last night I went out with some friends for a drink and catch up before a few changes start in our lives, then I came home early with Adi and his cousin and we all watched a film then went to bed. This morning we had pancakes and the guys needed to do some car related stuff whilst I cleaned the apartment, and then we headed to the mall to do some shopping but NOOO we forgot that Man united were playing football today so here I am sat in a pub with a Coca Cola watching the football and now catching up on some social media, reading all your wonderful blogs and just relaxing before I start work later today.

I believe it is important to sometimes take some time not to worry about what others are doing, to relax and enjoy yourself without telling everyone about your lives. That is exactly what I did yesterday, hung out with friends, did some crafts and just did me. I hope you all are having a good start to the weekend, that you are resting after a month of lots of blogging and just feeling good (oh and not watching the football) xx



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