Brunch in the city.

Today was snow/raining and rather dark but Adi had the day off so we went into the city for brunch. I have been told about STHLM Brunch club before so we decided to make a visit. IT IS SO CUTE AND DELICIOUS! I am a very big fan of healthy, ‘hipster’, yummy cafes that offer Acai bowls and waffles, and this place absolutely filled that hole in my stomach. I first started eating Acai and Chia in Australia, Sydney being the hub for this kind of food, and I loved it especially with the fresh fruit that Australia offered and it was very yummy here too! Adi had his salmon and avocado sandwich and we shared a waffle. Perfect. I would recommend this place absolutely.

Today was a lot of conversations about our job ambitions in the future and what we thought our plans were in the upcoming years. Adi is going through the transition of progressing in his engineering line of work and I am waiting to start Swedish soon so I can also progress. We had a great chat about everything and I am looking forward to what the future holds. I hope you are all having a good end of the week. It’s the weekend soon xx



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