Christmas presents for all the families

Christmas is a time of love, happiness and family. I have always been a big lover of christmas, all of the food and people you love and pretty little lights, my memories are only of love and wonderful times but as I grow up I learn that christmas isn't like that for everyone. My darling friend @emelieolssons has been teaching me how for others christmas is about anxiety and stress, bad feelings are attached to the time and worry about buying presents for their children which ends up making January a very difficult month. I always remember there being a difference in the types of presents children would speak about in school but I grew up like a lot of children did with no understanding of there being a difference between my household and others, but as I learn more and grow up I want to do more to help those who need that extra bit of help.

This Christmas, Emelie has had the wonderful idea of helping families have the christmas that they deserve and she has really kindly asked me to work together with her to make that difference. We are collecting presents like shoes, toys, stationary and other little things that children love and need or money to be able to buy the things that they family have asked for on their wish list. We already have 7 wonderful single parent families who need help and we are going to do just that, with the help from you we will make this Christmas beautiful for some very special families and hopefully start a change every year to help those a little more in need.

I feel honoured to be able to make a difference for some people this Christmas so that families can end this year happy and start the next without the money stress. If you think you can help or want to make a difference please please let us know, even simple things like supplies or wrapping paper will make the world of difference for these children to have the Christmas they deserve. Here I have attached the Facebook group we have created with information about the families and updates on how much we have collected so far, if you are interested please check it out! Lets make a difference this year and end 2017 on a great happy note!

Lets have a Merry Christmas all together!



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