Christmas time.

Merry Christmas and boxing day to all of you wonderful people, I hope you have had days filled with love, happiness, family and love. I hope you all got what you wished for and ate lots of delicious food. I love this time of year because in my family everyone just gets along, plays games and takes walks together, we have all our neighbours come over on christmas day to celebrate and then we have a lovely dinner. This year we decided to celebrate with the German tradition of opening our presents on christmas eve after our dinner and then going to midnight mass afterwards. We always go to church on christmas eve but we normally do the presents christmas morning, however I had my german grandma and cousin staying with us so followed that tradition instead. Unfortunately I got super sick the day before new years eve and now have Flu, the sickness bug and a chest infection so didn't get to join the celebrations as much as I would have liked to, today I have just been on the sofa all day sleeping at watching christmas television. But tomorrow I am going home back to Sweden which I need to be fit for so need to get my rest. I promise my blogging will get back on schedule as soon as I am feeling better with less of a headache! I hope you all have had a merry time and continue doing so xx



Did you ever have a stollen German pastry? We used to get one at the Aldi stores, they imported German ones around Christmastime. I'm 3/8 German myself, but my paternal German grandma who was from Hanover Germany is no longer with us. Anyways, hope you get well soon, and make a full recovery for the New Year's stuff.
I have had them often, my grandmother makes them fresh 😊 sorry to hear that and thank you very much.
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