Don't worry public transport, we don't need to give up all deodrants!

There has been a lot of talk about deodorants and whether they are safe to use or not, Aluminium is the main ingredient that constantly is mentioned as I read through different articles and raises questions on what the consequences of using aluminium based products are. Breast cancer, Alzheimers disease, bone disorders and kidney problems are a few that come up often and are not something that we can just brush aside, I feel I don't even need to go into how serious and dangerous these are and if they are absolutely a side effect of using Aluminium then why are we being so ignorant?

Another consequence of using Aluminium based deodorants and anti perspirants which isn't health related is that aluminium is often what causes the discolouration on your clothes, my boyfriend wears white shirts very often at work and over time you notice the white colouring disappears and the stain makes you not want to raise your arms. Last year we bought a few new white shirts and changed all our deodorants to non aluminium ones, obviously discolouration happens with time but so far I have been very impressed with the lack of discolouration.

However we have been trying a lot of different deodorants because often you don't smell as fresh after having worn them for the day and that is not the point of wearing a deodorant. I have now got down to my three favourites that offer something different and of course are aluminium free.

C/O Gerd, ​Sante and Schmidts.

First I have C/O Gerd, this was one of the first natural deodorants that I ever tried and is absolutely amazing. I love the smell, how fresh it leaves me feeling and even the packaging is simple yet beautiful. They have two different smells but I would 100% say the unisex one is so much better, I feel that if a deodorant has a 'natural' smell it often doesn't keep the smell during the day and after a long day at work the smell isn't as fresh as I would like. I like the glass bottle feel, reducing the amount of plastic I consume but of course the lid and ball inside are plastic. It has a back to earth smell and makes my underarms feel a lot smoother. Big thumbs up from me. Their website is linked here.

This deodorant by Sante was one of my buys from the local whole food store called Happy Food Store. Everything they sell here is Organic, natural and sustainable so my kind of shop. I bought a few other deodorants before this one but none worked with my skin and the smell always disappeared too quickly. However when I tried the Sante deodorant I was pleasantly surprised, this one isn't as expensive as the other natural deodorants and has a good smell to it. They are vegan, natural and organic which ticks all my sustainable boxes and what I want for my body. Their website is linked here.

And finally Schmidt is my most recent addition to my favourite natural deodorants. Introduced to me by Mildh press I have been using this most recently and it is very different from what I have used before, it is a bar of deodorant with a paste texture that you scrub under your arm. There is no ball so you reduce your plastic (would be amazing if the packaging was biodegradable) and you get a feeling of really covering your underarms plus its not super wet so you don't have to do the chicken dance like other deodorants. The only thing is to not put any dark clothing on straight away as a paste rubs of a lot easier. The smell with this one is amazing, even Adi likes the smell and would wear it, they also have a lot of different smells which are more fruity or more natural. I really like the different type of deodorant and believe this is my favourite. Their website is linked here.

These are my three go to natural, aluminium free deodorants that are making a difference for the environment, are good for my body and work for me. Our bodies are so important, they have to last us a life time and what we do and put in them will always effect us. It is so easy and worth making the changes to organic and natural, we are worth it.

I would love to know what you think and if you have any other favourite deodorants or products that are sustainable or if there are any other products that you are interested in knowing a more sustainable option. I hope you all have a wonderful week and a great midsummer this Friday.



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