Downtown camper hotel.

Last week Olivia and I had the most amazing stay at a hotel in Stockholm called Downtown Camper by Scandic. Olivia surprised me with the most amazing night at the hotel so that we could have some quality time together, get away from the normal stress of life and get lots of content done. It was honestly the best thing I could have done, I have been working every single day for the last two weeks and with the stay being in between a morning shift on the Thursday and night shift on the Friday it allowed me to have that 'holiday' feeling that I love whilst still up keeping my busy schedule.

As I arrived I was straight away pleasantly surprised by the addition of the greenery that is integrated into the walls and interior. It gave this feeling of being away and camping in the wilderness but still having the luxury and comfort of a nice hotel. My favourite thing about this hotel was their special attention to wellness and sustainability, they leave little clues of the differences they make like the meat being locally sources to reduce their carbon footprint, or a timer in the shower to help you reduce your water usage. Its the best thing to stay in a hotel that makes a special effort to be more conscious and help their guest do the same, plus when you have 494 rooms you have the ability to help, share and teach everyone so many people understand how easy it can be to make a difference in our every day lives and how we can all live a more environmentally aware life.

Onto my activities during my stay. I made my way after work to met Olivia at the hotel around 5, we got comfortable in our very lovely room and then went to the rooftop bar to have a drink and catch up. It was the most amazing bar that I didn't know existed, it has this very comfortable feel with beautiful views over the city so we spent a lot of time there. We then went for an amazing dinner in the restaurant downstairs and had a great 3 course meal. I love the details in this hotel, with the newspaper menu, the open fire in the restaurant where you can toast marshmallows and things like rock climbing walls and a rope bed hanging over the restaurant. I enjoyed a delicious vegetarian meal of asparagus starter, sweet potato burger and sorbet dessert, with lots of pictures below featuring the beautiful Olivia and me wearing her amazing suit.

The room itself had the most wonderful seating area where I spent a lot of time just sitting and looking out at the little people running around in the city below me. In the morning Olivia and I woke up early after talking ourselves to sleep and started the morning with some yoga before going and having the most amazing breakfast. Honestly you need to go and have this breakfast at some point in your life, there is even a make your own waffle station, all the sandwich fillers and lots of delicious fruits to enjoy.

But now for my absolutely favourite part of the stay, the use of the spa. I cannot even begin to explain how much I love just sitting by a pool or in a sauna and just forgetting about everything, I just sit, relax and absorb every single happy feeling I get being there. And this spa did not let me down in any way what so ever. It had the most amazing sauna called the nest made out of sticks and giving you that outdoor feel. We were also blessed with sunshine shinning through the windows and some of the most amazing waterfall showers, but of course the best was the outdoor heated pool that overlooked the beautiful city, absolutely my favourite way to enjoy the architecture of Stockholm.

Olivia and I spent hours just relaxing, taking pictures and drinking fruit waters. It was the best way to think about my future, get my mind back into gear and to enhance my love of content creation and thinking of more things to share with you all. I had a great stay and can absolutely say if not here you should treat yourself to 24hrs somewhere else so that you can do whatever it is you love like reading or taking pictures and give your mind the little break that you deserve. 

Thank you Olivia for the amazing idea of staying away with you and to Downtown for having us. I hope to be back soon to learn more about your sustainable acts and to use the amazing pool again.



That sounds wonderful, it's a great idea to relax and knowing that it's all done in a sustainable way, Olivia is an amazing friend to have. Today I learned about the hierarchy to live by 1) Reduce 2) reuse 3) recycle
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