Easter weekend

Happy easter you wonderful people, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Here in Stockholm we were graced with sunshine and this year Adi and I decided that we would invite his family over for lunch, I had never made a large lunch with different dishes so it was definitely an experience.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 12, I never have a problem with making different dishes at home and making sure I get the correct nutrition, so this easter I wanted to make Adi's family a fun and delicious vegetarian lunch to show them how being a vegetarian doesn't mean you miss out on anything and its yummy (other than some salmon rolls that were made by Adi and requested by the family, it was the only non veggie dish I allowed.)

I made a few different dishes and deserts and it went down like a dream! A personal fav was the vegetable tart I made (with a lot of Adis help) that created a colourful flower and was delicious, the hardest part of the dinner was making sure things that were meant to be warm stayed warm, I feel like that is something I have to learn how to do better in the future. I didn't photography everything sadly, we got too excited to eat a lot of it but I took some pictures of a few dishes.

It was a mix of recipes from my mum and different things I found on google. I really enjoyed creating a lunch for the family and mostly the feeling of watching everyone enjoy what I made, I now understand why people love creating large meals because it is so satisfying knowing that you have created an event to bring everyone together and make then happy with food.

With everything being made from scratch, we managed to avoid large amounts of plastic and could choose locally sourced fruit and vegetables which makes this a genuine homemade meal that gives it your own sustainable spin. I cant wait to make my own picnics to take on trips and create new dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

I had a wonderful relaxing weekend and spent a lot of time just chilling and making the most of my time with my family, I also took some new outfit pictures and thought a lot about how I can share my new found second hand love and upcycling ideas so that you too can create amazing outfits and really shake up your wardrobe. I have a few more brainstorming days ahead of me but new things will be with you soon!

I was wearing a top my mum bought for me from a local boutique, I love wearing clothing that is almost one of a kind and as natural as it can be. I would love to know what you did this weekend and what you think of the different dishes I made? Have a great start to the week and more outfits will be coming soon!

Eggplant bake

Cheesy asparagus

Cheese and rosemary dinner rolls

Mango salad

Eggs Benedict

Vegetable tart



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