Happy World Animal Day!

Nothing is better in this world than all the amazing species, there are over 1 million that we know of and I think that is incredible! I am happiest when I am watching animals just do their thing, I have always been a weird fanatic about animals, as a child I had; 6 Chickens, 2 dogs, 4 rabbits, 4 African land snails, 1 canary, 1 duck and a few fish. I would also go and volunteer at a farm to help feed and clean the sheep, chickens, pigs and cows and my parents and I would help animals that had lost their parents or hurt themselves to get better or find their families. To say I love animals is an understatement and I miss having them around me now that I live in Sweden. I have been trying to find somewhere to volunteer here in Stockholm but Sweden have a very good policy for having pets that means abandoned/hurt animals is very few.

However today as I walked through the city I saw a group of young men feeding the pigeons rice, there is a tale that feeding rice to pigeons makes them explode and even though I knew it had be ‘demythed’ almost 6 years ago, they obviously didn’t. It makes me sick to think that people want to feed animals something just to watch them die, and for what, fun? I felt like confronting them, and telling them how sick they all must be in the head (although I wasn’t silly enough to start an argument with 5 men who want to murder animals) but there was nothing I could do, they weren’t actually doing the animals any harm, actually they were feeding them which I’m sure the pigeons appreciated but that wasn’t their intentions. So instead, so that I try to do something, I write this post with my first plea.

No matter what you do in life, whether you try to make a difference for the environment or not, please never ever lay an aggressive hand on an animal, never show off to your mates and put another life in harm’s way and always do your best to try and save every life, whenever you can.

But onto positive thoughts, may you all love and cuddle lots of animals in your life and have a very happy World Animal Day! I have got some cute pictures from Pinterest just to make you all smile!



To cope with the aftermath of the unimaginable horror of the Las Vegas massacre, I had to just go out in nature and quietly watch some birds and animals, and I was thinking of this poem, and the fact that no animal has ever meticulously planned a brutal attack on other innocent creatures, and how humbling that should be and instill in every human being a greater appreciation of other species, and a realization that we are not superior in any way, indeed, we do more damage than any other species, and so much can be learned by just having the patience to observe and appreciate and love another non-human living creature, it actually would maybe help us all and teach us all how to live better and in harmony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HV1pBZei6e8
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