Shinning bright in my second hand!

Jacket, Scarf, Belt and Jumper are all second hand! It makes me so so excited when I am wearing an almost all second hand outfit, especially here where I get to add a beautiful pair of shinny jeans and heeled boots. I love the casual jumper look paired with a nice pair of jeans and boots, its a great comfy winter outfit that makes me stand tall! The belt is my Grandmas and the scarf is my boyfriends grandmas which is my favourite type of second hand, when I get to wear something that I know the history behind rather than guessing where and who owned what I now own. When I am in a second hand store, I always wonder why people owned some of the clothing and what they wore it for and why they gave it away.

Was the dress worn for a really nice party where the women met a man who made her so so happy and they dated for a long time and then it turned out he was really lying about who he was and had 10 other girlfriends? Because I would throw the dress away too.

Was the jeans bought by a doting mother for her daughter after looking in a magazine and seeing these great new type of jeans but as the girl gets this present she puts them on and leaves the house only to change the jeans for the one in her bag and drops them off at the local charity store, telling her mum someone must have accidentally taken them at the swimming pool so she borrowed a spare pair of trousers.

I would love to know any stories of how your clothes might have ended up in a charity shop, the obvious that I have are growing out of them and not liking them anymore but I don't have any crazy or funny stories. I hope you like the outfit!



Not only is it an attractive style and great-looking outfit, it helps to save the environment wearing second hand, plus it saves a bunch of money, and that's a bonus too
Exactly my thoughts!! Lets make a difference!
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