Today was another great day with my parents, we wondered around Södermalm looking at second hand stores and getting christmas decoration inspiration and just chatting lots and enjoyed being together. After a long walk in the sun we decided to go to the Fotografiska, this is an incredible photography museum which is honestly the best I have ever been too and my mum has a very keen eye for art and works as a designer so it was a great place to go together. This time one the second floor they had a exhibition showing the winers of the Autumn photography competition, this is for Sweds to send in their best photographs and then judges decide which get to have a art wall space in the gallery. Although there is no theme to the contest, a lot of it seemed to be about the effect we are having on the planet, even the main exhibition downstairs was all about the worlds problems from war and hate and that is something we are doing ourselves.

Ylva Bergman

This collection of photographs was about Yakutsk in eastern Siberia which is the coldest major city in the world at -50 degrees Centigrade. It was showing how they live in such a cold climate but then also showing how due to global warming the city is unfreezing faster than anywhere else in the world which means the living conditions with change drastically and that the buildings will start sinking into the ground and that if its effecting this city so badly it will slowly start effecting everywhere else!

Emmi Van De Boom, Simon Forsberg and Tove Tikkanen Jönn

This exhibition was about refugees who have had to leave their city or country due to war, these pictures are just a few from the 65.3 million people who had to leave south Sudan when the war in 2013 broke out. The photographers here wanted to make you think about the fact you see the crisis every day on the news, in the papers and talked about by your collegues but do you ever stop to think about who these people really are? They all had dreams and ambitions, like bottom left had her own buisness but lost it all when she moved or two in from the bottom left was a primary school teacher and is now trying to find a new job somewhere very new, or top Right who has to take care of her 3 grandchildren because her children died in the war but is trying to find them a home so they will be safe. They all have real lives and ideas but we find it easy to forget about that when it isn't us. This exhibition really made me think more about what I could do or learn so I could help others here who have been through so much and are now trying to start a new safe life somewhere else.

Sebastian Sardi

These images are taken from the coal capital in Jharkhand, India. What I am sure was once a beautiful landscape is now layered with dust and dirt, smoke is everywhere and there are houses and villages sunk into the cracks all because of fossil fuels, coal and black diamonds. What type of people are we to destroy a beautiful landscape and move people out of their homes to get things to power our cars and houses?

Jeanette Harkén

This exhibition was to give the cows a voice! and I quote 'For you I am reduced to carbon dioxide emission, an environmental hazard, a numbered production unit of 9,000 litres per year. But I am Rose, Dagmar & Pear. I am working. Every day. For you.' Its not as enjoyable to eat an animal when you have a beautiful image to look at before and see what life you are taking.

Paul Hansen

This was the main exhibition, the whole ground floor was dedicated to showing the lives of the people in different situations then us here in Sweden, a lot of it showing the war and terrible living conditions others have to go through due to war. Paul Hansen explains his reason for this collection of photography- “When we visit places afflicted by natural disasters, war or other predicaments, we are temporary guests in people’s misery and we do it for a reason: that the misery should cease. I see myself as a guardian of stories that people entrust me with. By disseminating the pictures I hope to influence the decision makers to change the situation. The people we portray know this and we photojournalists are almost always welcome,” I hope that one day I can do the same, to do something that will help both people and the earths pain or suffering.

These different images have really made me think, they have all shown different stories from people/animals all over the world to try and give them a voice. It inspired me so so much to keep doing what I set out to do in my life and that is to try and make a difference somehow with the planet and our view on how we should live our life. I want every one to think about their actions and the consequences, and that together we can make a huge difference, whether that is trying to stop global warming or helping those that have had to leave their countries start a new a great life, and the biggest dream would be to stop people having to leave their countries completely. I hope you like some of the images, and maybe even go to an exhibition yourself to experience something that inspires you as much as these people have inspired me.



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