Princess duties

When I grow up I want to be a princess, that was what I wanted to be pretty much all of my childhood, I would do everything possible to be just that, put books on my head, learn ballroom dancing and wear pretty ballgown dresses. And for a short amount of time I was almost that, I auditioned to work at Disney and got a part as Sleeping beauty but after a couple of weeks there I decided to leave. However when I travel and stay at beautiful places I feel like I am a princess, even in my bobble hat and fluffy jacket.

What would I do if I was a princess then? It would be the most amazing thing to be someone of that type of a position to have all that type of power or money and be able to do so much good. If I was a princess I would spend all of my time trying to save the planet in as many ways as I can, I would help clean the seas or save the animals used for entertainment or I would help refugees have a chance at a second life, to be able to find a job or have the the chance to have the same options we have when starting our lives as a child or adult. I would happily do that all the time but unfortunately I don't have that power, or at least not yet. I have to study first and find a way to make a difference with the resources and options I have so far.

Sometimes I just sit down and think about what a crazy world it is that we live in, we have so much and yet so little at the same time. We have people who are spoilt, we have others who have nothing, the only thing that we have all the same is the earth we stand on. Of course people live in different conditions and some countries are hot and others are under snow but it is all one world, and if the world gets hotter or colder, if it gets to much smog or too little water it will effect us all. I lived on a little island in Bali called Nusa Penida during my travles, here the living conditions are not fancy. We all slept in small wooden huts with no air conditioning and had a lot of different animals running around (I had both a gecko and scorpion in my bed) and I was only there for 2 weeks but the locals lived in those conditions every day. Rather than being sad about it or complaining they worked and they cleaned the beaches from all the rubbish and helped the animals both wild and farm to live good and healthy lives. I learnt so much whilst being here, with no Wifi I had a lot of time to reflect and immerse myself into their culture, I sat there on the beach after having realised the third turtle back into the wild I knew that I had to do something in my life to make a difference.

We live in such a small and beautiful world, we work and do things that make us feel happy, we raise families and love those around us, and I am not expecting a huge change from everyone. Not everyone can live the drastic zero waste all eco life, I know I cant yet although I am trying to learn to. But if everyone made little changes, if everyone tried their best to do good and make a difference even in the smallest of ways, to pave a bright future for our children so that they can follow suit and make the difference to our lives that the generations before us didn't then I know we can make a BIG difference.

If I was a princess even just for a day, I would do everything I could to help people make that difference, to share my ideas and try to inspire those around me. I hope that slowely I will reach more and more people so that one day, together we can make that difference.



Although there is some bawdy dialogue in this comedy, the underlying these is quite great, that the Prince must put himself in the role of a lowly commoner to truly find the girl who will love him for the right reasons, so he gets a job at McDonalds in NYC and so the fairy tale begins, haha. The best royalty are those who truly know and understand the adversity and harsh realities of their citizens
Amazing, thank you for that!! Watched it and laughed a lot
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