Tonight Megan, Olivia and I went to two events. The first event was ‘Lou in Love och andeliusgribbe’, this is a jewelry company and a silk fashion company doing a combined show which was incredible. It was held at the Dansmuseet, which in itself is an incredible building but with a runway in the middle, drinks to one side and the buyable items on the other it was great fun. The show itself started off as a runway show but then changed into a dance performance, a different and visually pleasing way of showing the silky gowns and pretty glistening jewelry in the lights. I really enjoyed this event, it’s the first runway type of show I have been to and I can’t wait for more, it was so much fun.

Next we went to the Adidas event; this was a lot of fun! We saw a guy who could keep the ball in the air for a long time; we ate a lot of food and looked at all of the great new clothes. Not to mention the real mannequins in the window! We also took part in a super fun video, wearing the new jumpers! It was so much fun and I laughed a lot.. Megan and Olivia are two very great girls who I am so lucky to be friends with, I really had a great time.

​I cant wait for many more outings with the girls. Tomorrow I am having dinner with some new friends and then going out for drinks. Its so nice to have a group of girls you can gossip with and dance together, not to mention how lucky I am that Megan and Olivia are showing me the ropes with all the blogging and events, feeling like a lucky girl tonight xx



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