Exhibitions that leave you speechless.

The fact that I got to go see a exhibition by Patrick Demarchelier makes me so very happy, this man is an inspiration and genius when it comes to fashion and portraiture, becoming the first non British photographer to take pictures of the royal family in England. He is one of the top photographers for Vogue and has shot for nearly every bit label fashion magazine. I don’t have the words to describe how incredible his photography is, each picture is captivating and so incredible I could have stayed there for hours. If you ever get the chance to see some of his work I would highly recommend it!

Take a look at his website for more amazing pictures http://demarchelier.com/fashion

Ren Hangs

I also got to see Ren Hangs exhibition just before it ended, unfortunately he passed away during his exhibition here. He was an exceptional photographer, all about nudity and naturalism, humanism and love. Although very controversial in China, he was well known for his incredible journey of exploring the human body through photography and allowing his creative nature to run free. I am honored to have seen one of his last exhibitions whilst still alive and hope his beautiful work continues to be shown around the world. One of my favourite quotes from him is ‘My art is not trying to intrude into the politics of China, it is the politics of China that is intruding into my art. I do this pictures because life would be so boring without shooting them but I have no specific goals.’

Take a look at his website too at http://www.renhang.org/

I love to go to exhibitions as often as possible, you will never know what you will learn or be inspired about and I am so so thankful that I went. I know that photography and fashion is something that I love and it inspired me to make sure I enjoy it more. I hope you see something that inspires you today xx



It's great when that kind of artistic inspiration allows you to transcend the mundane doldrums funk you were in, for me, it could be a song, seeing a new bird or animal or flower in the spring for the first time, or a nice, calm night with a beautiful moon phase or bright starlit sky. Or maybe a line from a poem or a watching a good movie, seems like the manifestations of excellence, genius, and nature's miracles are omnipresent, but sometimes we are blind to them because of the daily, stressful grind, in the spring it is time to recognize the imbalance are passionately dive into a stage of sweet renewal.
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