My hair routine

Hair is a difficult one, hair is different for everyone and it does its own thing. I have long dark hair that is dead straight and doesn’t do a lot, it is thick but doesn’t have a huge amount of volume and even if I curl my hair it falls back flat very quickly. In some ways it is my own fault, I don’t get my hair cut very often so of course it is heavy and long. I don’t get it cut because I don’t enjoy going to the hairdressers, there is no reason for my dislike but it has always just made me feel uncomfortable other than my usual, a lady at home where I go to her house so I feel better. However what I do make sure is that I have shiny soft hair, I wash my hair only once to twice a week and do not use heat to dry it.

So how do I wash my hair? I use Tresemme as that works well for me. First I shampoo the top of my head and wash it off and then I shampoo the base of my head to make sure my whole top of my roots are clean, however I do not put all my hair on the top of my head and spread the shampoo because that causes tangles and breakages in your hair. Next I try to get as much water out of my hair by squeezing it, and then put the conditioner in the bottom of my hair, I do not put conditioner on the roots of my head as we produce our own oils and this then creates too much oil making our hair become greasy quickly. I then brush the conditioner through my hair until all tangles are gone and it feels nice and soft.

Washing it all out I use the towel to dry my hair as best as I can and then put this crystal shine finishing oil, again, through the ends of my hair to protect it from the weather and every day tying up. All of this protects my hair from split ends and anything else that isn’t wanted. Also it makes sure my hair is healthy and strong even though I don’t cut my hair often.

Do you have any tips of tricks to help your hair? I love the feeling of soft hair between my fingers and it allows me to not even have to brush my hair in the morning as it just falls back in place. I hope you like my short tutorial of how I look after my hair xx



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