It is becoming a real home

Time at home was great, my parents for the last 2 and a half years have been building their dream home. Unfortunately we were flooded 3 years ago and lost the house and around 70% of everything inside, that left them the decision to either move away from their beautiful island just outside of London or to rebuild. They both knew they could never live away from this amazing place where all of our memories are and so the battle began to build a new home, I was away for a large amount of the time but there is no denying that is was difficult, tensions were raised, small things became large and relationships were tested, but they could not be happier now with what they have created, it still isn't finished with the outdoors needing to be done and balconies plus railings to be finished but it is well underway.

Although I never lived in the house for very long, everything about it sums up my parents. They have made everything personal and original for every room. I even got a world map as my wallpaper and a full mirrored wardrobe which I love. I haven't got many pictures on the inside as its still underway and personal to my family but here are a few peaks to the beautiful interior and there are a few on my other posts but here is the outside under the hot sun earlier this week. I hope you like it, I am very very proud xx



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