Kind Socks!

I am a little obsessed with socks, no matter what I am wearing I always like to have a colourful or cute pair of socks on. However, I think it is super important for everything I put on my body to be sustainable and a good material.

I recently came across this company Kind Socks on Instagram and was instantly taken away by their cute designs, unisex availability and what they stand for.

On their website you can see 4 sustainable points about their socks:

  • 1.Organic
  • 2.Fair trade
  • 3.Charity givers
  • 4.Non-toxic

What more could you want from socks?

I absolutely love the fact that we have the option to not only support companies that care about the rest of the world, but to be able to spend our money on products that care for us. If you think about the normal socks you buy from H&M or Zara, you can almost always assume they are using pesticides in their cotton production, and chemicals in the warehoused for packing and so on, and then you put that on your skin and wear it all day long. Your skin is your largest organ, you shouldn’t be putting anything on that isn’t natural and good for you.

With the constant news on how we need to be more sustainable because time is running out, I think it is nice to treat yourself to something fun and exciting that still allows you to care for the planet and yourself.

You can buy my cute pink and grey socks here and the cute bumble bee socks here

These socks are comfortable, soft and very functional. They are super easy to wash, just turn them inside out, and wash at 40C, I am always a little more carful with my organic delicates and do a wash at 30 and then hang dry them after. I love wearing them just as they are or as an added colour over some tights in my boots.

What do you guys think?

You can check them out here!

These socks were gifted. As always, all opinions, thoughts and ideas are my own.



Wall Street sucks, but I do like the socks
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