Last #Nouw30daychallenge look- Favourite outfit right now

I absolutely love this shirt, it is a H&M shirt that is just perfect. I can wear it evenings and during the day, spice it up with a pretty top underneath or just keep it simple and smart. I must admit I have worn it a few times as I just like it so much. What do you guys think of this look? My jeans are the reused top shop jeans that I stitched back together on the side, this is the start of my reuse, recycle and shop sustainable shopping. Like I mentioned yesterday, although this is the end of the challenge it has given me a new spark in blogging and finding my passion. I feel like I have a found my new spark and I can’t wait, I have been following new Instagram’s, finding websites and reading more information about what I can do, how I can change and what this can me for my future job! I honestly feel great knowing I have found my direction in blogging and life.. let the new challenge begin of getting to my dream. Thank you Nouw for setting me the test to become more professional in my blogging allowing me to explore more routes. I hope you all like my last look for the #Nouw30daychallange including a sustainable item, and that you have all found a better way to blog that works for yourself xx



Fina bilder!
Tack så mycket!
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