Lets talk about lush!

Yesterday Adi's surprise went extremely well, he found all the clues around the hotel and finally the cute 5 senses themed presents at the end (if you have no clue what I am talking about find the post HERE.) It was a lovely night of with pizza and movies and time to just be together and enjoy each others company. In the morning we headed down for breakfast and then I had a bath.

I am a huge bath fan, I absolutely love to have a bath in the evening when its cold outside and just read a book or sit back and feel completely enveloped in warm water, or to begin the day feeling relaxed and calm. The opportunity to make it even more exciting with a bath bomb makes me so so happy and that is exactly what I did this morning.

I think pictures speak a thousand words so I have taken a lot of pictures of the amazing natural bath bomb that left my skin feeling extremely soft and a little glittery afterwards. Although lush is a little more expensive then other companies it offers biodegradable plant based packaging, cruelty free transparency and everything is natural plus ethical. I have been reading a few of the stories lush have on their website, where they really invest a lot of time to help other companies find alternatives to animal testing, fight the fur trade and give lots of information about what they want to achieve. (The stories are HERE if you want to read them.) Lush are growing more and more every day with the types of products they offer and the different locations of their stores so it is perfect that they offer information on everything so that we as the consumers can be sure that it is good.

I was more than happy with my bath bomb, with the glitter and the smell. I can't wait until I live in a place that has its own bath so that I can enjoy this luxury more often. I hope you like the pictures and more about last night will be up soon. What is your favourite bath bomb? I would love to know so I can try that one out too!



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