Lets talk fresh organic fruit

We can all picture a time when we bit into an apple or strawberry that we picked ourselves and thought it was so delicious, the more juicy and intense taste made us want to eat as many as we could until our belly ached. That would be the perfect life, living somewhere where I can grow my own produce to enjoy that succulent taste every time but when we don’t all have the resources or green finger to grow our own food, there are a few little things we can do to get closer to that sweet taste again.

The pictures of the watermelon bowls are from a recent experiment to see what it was like to make watermelon bowls, and it was delicious. With a mix of fresh (Organic of course) fruit and nuts, my family and I enjoyed delicious and beautiful bowls of goodness.

So first let’s talk about organic, we all see the labels in our stores at home but do you buy it? Organic means- ‘produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.’ But is Organic actually good for us or is it a way to bump up the prices of the food. Well studies (One is linked here if you would like to read further) show that pesticides that are in non-organic food can link to things like cancer, neurological problems, miscarriages and multiple abdominal/ intestinal problems. So, lowering the amount of non-organic food we eat will improve our health and help balance hormones and make a happy stomach. But not only does eating organic food help you, the production of organic food helps the environment a lot too! It reduces the amount of soil and water contamination, it helps the local wildlife flourish by not poising the animals and help conserve biodiversity (the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat.) and finally stops any cross contamination with other farms and ecosystems by preventing wind from carrying any chemicals to nearby areas.

Some of my favourite places to go especially when travelling, like my recent trip to Croatia is to visit the amazing fruit markets where you can by local produce which you know is grown around the corner and every sale goes straight to the local farmers rather than large companies. The warmer climates of course help with their incredible amount of colourful fruits and vegetables so for me in Stockholm there isn’t that many places I can by local produce but I try to as often as I can. Little changes like this is our life can make a difference for our health and the environment. I hope you think about it next time when you go to an aisle in the shop and choose between organic and not, change is in our hands. xx



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