Let's talk second hand!

Let’s talk second hand, now I am sure you all know how much I love to shop second hand. I explained it to a friend the other day as a therapy, whenever I get stressed or just need to escape I put my headphones in and dive into one of the huge stores here in Stockholm.

However, whenever I mention second hand to people they always say, “oh but I never find anything good”. Well first, if you went once and didn’t find anything then… go figure. I don’t walk into every shop and find cute things. Secondly, you really need to look, yesterday when I was walking through the third shop still empty handed I was like ugh this is rubbish and was ready to give up but then I realised I was just skimming, the treasures are always hidden, I ended up finding 5 different cute items. And finally, but this more depends on your dedication, you can’t take everything at face value. Most of the stuff I find doesn’t fit 100% or isn’t completely what I want, but I have a weird body shape so if I let that hold me back I would never find anything. You need to be open and already have in mind what sort of things you want, second hand is overwhelming, everything is pushed into one room and is never organised by size, if you have an idea of at least colours, then you’ll find the process a lot less overwhelming.

One of my favourite parts of second hand is finding a project, a clothing item that needs to be resized or something that needs a little love and care.

During my recently hunt, I found a pair of Nike Air Max 97, I have been looking at buying these for a long time but never really wanted to invest the money. These shoes were my size and the colour I wanted, I couldn’t believe my luck. The only problem was they were scuffed and the back of the heel had holes in the material. When I checked the price 60SEK (£5) I couldn’t say no. They came home with me and the project began.

To begin with I took a tooth brush and soapy water and began scrubbing them, I took away a lot of the hard dirt and just cleaned away any smell or dust lingering. Then I took a rubber and rubbed all the white sections, this removed most of the black marks and gave it a fresh look. Finally, I cut out little scraps of material to put on the heel and stitched it in. I did a few layers to make it more cushioned so that it wouldn’t hurt my heels. After washing the laces and spraying the shoes a little, they look pretty good! I might try washing them in the washing machine as I saw some youtubers do the same, but its muddy and wet outfit so for now its perfect.

I took some before and afters, so you can see what a little attention can do to not only shoes if you buy them second hand, but also for your shoes at home. Caring for them, especially leather shoes can make them last a lot longer.

I hope you like the transformation, I can assure you, they will be in a lot more pictures coming up this month! I am going on a trip next week, so these will be my go to shoes for sure! I am going to do everything I can to get rid of the taboo of second hand, it will make such a difference to your bank account but also helps save the planet! One mans trash, is another mans treasure!

Have a lovely weekend!




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