Make the most out of whats in your wardrobe

It is 4 days left until the official first day of spring and although I am completely aware that I should not be getting my hopes up as for the last two days any sign of sunshine was very quickly covered by the ever falling snow, I really can’t wait any longer to start wearing some of the super cute second hand items I recently acquired and do some cute pictures to share it with you all.

This week has been a lot of working, I am actually working every single day until I go home to London so that is great in terms of earning money but absolutely exhausting. I had a super cute last minuet get away with Olivia Hageus last night in between working yesterday morning and tonight, I have sooooo many pictures and exciting things to share with you from our amazing stay in a super cute hotel that will be coming very soon! I have also been reading a lot about how much plastic is slowly coming back to haunt us, I read that 90% of bottled water has plastic fibres in the water (Do not quote me on this statistic, it was just from a quick articled shared by someone I know), but can you imagine how bad that could be for us in the future if we are ingesting so much plastic when we drink water or eat seafood?! I really hope that the more the facts and figures are starting to be shared the more scared people will become so we finally all together start making changes to our lifestyle. But this is not a plastic rant post, I wanted to share one of my fav outfits right now.

So, onto this outfit which is of course all second hand. The trousers are from a red cross (Röda korset) store, they were a tiny bit too big for me around the waist but I thought they had the cutest pattern and were super comfy (and come on £4/45SEK is literally nothing) so I treated myself. I then accessorised with a black neck tie which a friend had given to me a while ago rather than throwing it out and it works perfectly as a belt to make sure they fit right. I love finding something that has more than one purpose, it really adds character to an outfit and helps you use what you have more. Matched with a white leotard and simple black bag that my grandmother gave to me and my mums cardigan and shoes and I have a a super simple, comfy yet stylish neutral coloured outfit. Due to it being super cold outside I also have an extra pair of leggings underneath or sometimes swap out the shoes for a cute pair of boots to be able to pull it off and not freeze to death right now.

I would love to know what you think of the outfit, I found the prettiest little walk just a few blocks from my apartment that’s gives me an alternative route to the train station and looks like I’ve just stepped into Narnia. I will be working this weekend but will try to share some of my week with you, have a wonderful Friday!



You look great Jasmin! I love your header too. I can't complain about the cold, since I read the other day Finland is the happiest place in the world, and it's gotta be colder than here, haha, so it's a state of mind I guess. The plastic is everywhere unfortunately. If your familiar with the chemist James Lovelock, we are in what he calls Gaia's revenge, based on his Gaia theory, so everything is interconnected with cause and effect. I would concur with his point that we must now, at this point, engage in an approach of "sustainable retreat", we may not be able to reverse this, and fix everything, but we must retreat in a sustainable way to avoid the really catastrophic stuff. I think the chemical soup we live in causes autism here too, and the other day I heard that sperm counts were down 50%, haha, I don't know how many problems we need to have before people actually wake up and change the world
Thank you Aaron for your point, thats really interesting and something I will look more into!
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