Merry Christmas from Copenhagen/Köpenhamn

Christmas has flown by, with all the family, food and activities it has been a weekend filled with a lot of laughter and love and a quick break from social media to really immerse myself in the Christmas traditions. I am back now and have some pictures from my Christmas and Boxing day trip to Copenhagen.

On the 23rd I drove down to Malmö with Adi and his family, Adi has family who live there so we decided to spend our Christmas this year with them. We had a wonderful time playing games and eating more food than I even thought possible, it feels like every time we finished eating a meal the next one was being prepared and we were having cakes in between, I have 100% put on a couple of kg on after this Christmas break.

Christmas in Sweden or a lot of other European countries celebrate differently to how I celebrate at home in England. The 24th is when people wish each other God Jul and open their presents in the evening, the 25th is just a day to party and be with your friends or family. However, I have always done the meal on the 24th and had a German tradition of opening a few presents from my family there but then really celebrating Christmas on the 25th with presents and family and watching the Queens speech and then the Doctor Who special which was always very exciting.

This year was very different, we did the meal and presents on the 24th but Adi’s Birthday is on the 25th which means the celebrations are a lot more split, instead we started the day with singing happy Birthday and then had a Christmas lunch but finished with Birthday cake and then Adi and I got on the train to Copenhagen to celebrate on our own and tick another country off our bucket list. We stayed in a beautiful hotel and went to an amusement park called Tivoli which I will write about soon. For boxing day, we did my favorite thing and that was to walk around a new city and take in all the sights, plus take a million pictures of everything. It may not have been my usual Christmas but it was definitely filled with some new traditions that I want to continue and look forward to discovering different ways of having a wonderful Christmas.

I will write a guide of my short trip in Copenhagen and add on what I did very soon, but for now here are some of my favorite pictures and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. I am now home for two days before I go home to England to celebrate New year with my family.

I hope you like the pictures and I would love to hear what your favourite part of your Christmas was this year!



I actually suffer a tremendous amount of stress during the season, so I most appreciate the peace and stillness and beauty of the night lights, and I was pleased we had a very white Christmas season with a perfect amount of snow, even lots of lightly falling flakes like every morning, which makes the music and everything so much more festive, and the the LED lighting nowadays, it's quite vivid and brilliant, folks even competed friendly for the facetiously named "Griswold" award, named after the Chevy Chase character in "Christmas Vacation" who really overdoes it with his house lighting, so to breathe in the fresh, winter air and feel the snow crunch under your feet and enjoy the colorful twinkle of the happy lights, was delightful and a needed stress relief to exercise and walk off all those cookies and kringles
I am glad you had a merry Christmas! Have a great new year 😊
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