My beautiful cousins wedding

May the 27th

With the sun shinning and all my family together it couldn't have been more of a beautiful day for my gorgeous cousin and her now wonderful husband to get married, and I was lucky enough to be gifted the chance to be her bridesmaid. I was so happy every moment of the day, I got to spend lots of time with all my family, have a bride, bridesmaid and flower girl sleepover and see a spectacular wedding take place. Not to mention my cousin Chloe and husband Ricky looked stunning.

The day started with hair and make up at 9.30 the morning of the wedding. With champagne and croissants we enjoyed the hours getting ready and feeling the excitement bubbles inside. Time seemed to fly by as already we were back at my cousins house getting the dressed on and making final adjustments. But then time stopped, we all sat together waiting for everyone to get to the church and for the car to arrive. Wait is crazy, the excitement was high, my nerves were bubbling and I wasn't even the one getting married but then the church bells started ringing and Chloe walked down the aisle like an angel and I couldn't be more proud. Tears filled my eyes as I watched a beautiful ceremony take place and a union between two people bind them together forever. I love you both and I thank you for letting me be part of the beautiful day and I wish you all the happiness and love forever.

I had a beautiful dress from Davids Bridal to carry me through the day, and a dashing man on my arm in Oscar Jacobson. I was so happy to spend the day with my boyfriend and family all together.

My beautiful parents

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend full of love and happiness like I did. Spending precious time with my family like my Grandad makes me so happy. I know that every second counts and I want to make the most of all of it. Marriage is a special time for the love birds but also everyone else. It is a time to appreciate the most precious thing in the world, love. Whether that is with friends, family or a partner it is something we should all hold close and look after every second of our lives. I am so lucky to have lots of love in my life and will always hold it dear. Look after your love and remember that you are full of love, give it to all those who deserve it and give it to yourself every day xx



You are beautiful!💕 That's such a nice dress! 😃
Thank you my sweet! Very lovely of you
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