My Birthday!

Here it is, I have the pictures of my birthday evening! I am re-celebrating in England with my family so you will have a few more of these, but this way my real birthday night and it was so much fun! I am so lucky to have some great friends here who wanted to celebrate the evening with me. It started with Megan staying the night before so I didn’t have to start the day alone (Adi was on a business trip) where we ate lots of snacks and watched plus talked through lots of films. Then in the evening I met with Megan, Olivia and Inez for a couple of drinks and a good gossip at the Story hotel. It was so much fun, It was a perfect girls evening, that I really needed. Afterwards Olivia and I headed to kåken to dance and enjoy the rest of the night. Honestly a great night with great company and I cannot wait for many more nights like this xx



Happy Birthday Jasmin, this was your 19th or 20th?
Thank you, I am officially 20!
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