My role model- My inspiration

My Mumma

Today I wanted to dedicate a few words to my mummy, to the women who made everything possible for me today. My mother followed her dreams and made them a reality, she met my father when she was 15 living with her Mother in Germany, they fell in love against all the odds but my dad was in the army so travelled a lot, they would see each other once or twice a month but still made it work. They then married and my mum moved to England around 18 to live with my dad and to study art and graphics at College. They worked hard, most weekends to pay for the tuition and live the life they wanted to live. And now today, 37 years of marriage later they are living the dream, my mum worked so so hard every single day to get to the job she is doing now, she works in Graphic design and rules it. I am so proud of her and today was her first day in the new job, a new start to her next step of their life. My parents had to spend the last two and a half years building a new house after they lost everything in the flooding, it was not easy at all there were times when I found it so overwhelming and difficult to picture a new house one day becoming our home that was taken from us, but no matter what my mum made the best of the situation she kept everyone together and worked so hard to keep everyone happy. I am so proud to be able to call this strong, independent and loving women my mother.

I wish her all the luck in the world for the new job and adventure that is to come and I hope you all start something new too, to have something to work hard for and look forward to in the many years to come in your life. I thank all of your role models for giving you the hope and inspiration to get here too and all of your hard work and determination to life the life you want xx



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