My week.

I have a busy but exciting week up ahead. I have had a very crazy past few weeks that seem to have flown by and I am hoping it will calm down a bit so that I can get my head together. I have been learning a lot about how quick things can change with your friends in a short space of time with one of my loves from Sweden moving back to the US and having to say goodbye. No one likes goodbyes and it is hard when its such a big world but I know with a little work we will stay in contact and see one another soon. Next our car broke down which was bad enough on its own but we had to scrape it which means a huge expense to be coming, we will need to buy a new car in the next two weeks which means no spending and more saving right now. However on Thursday I am flying with Adi back to England to see my family and spend time with my Grandparents in Cornwall which I am very excited for. I need some time to relax and get my head back, with work every evening and School every morning I am exhausted and have had no time to just think about things and see how I am feeling, I feel like a robot right now working, eating, working, sleeping and need a break. I cannot wait to see my family and also the house my parents built as a lot has changed since Christmas when I was last there so that is very exciting. I will also have more time to do some fashion blogging and spend more time on my posts rather than panicking and writing them in 30 minute slots. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend of sleep, rest and love. Lets start a new week xx

I can take a seat on the new sofa and enjoy a hot bath, very exciting!



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