My wishlist- saving the future

I love making myself a wish list, having a collection of all the beautiful things in this world that I would one day love to own myself when I can. The more I work and save the closer I am, there are two types of things I would like one being new makeup and then other is items from companies that donate an amount to a good cause whatever that may be. I think that is a great initiative for companies, to donate a small amount to a greater cause, making a difference and it makes me feel good plus I get something cute and new. Here are a few of my favourite sites xx

Souled out 


➳ £ 1 from each purchase goes to whale&dolphin conservation.

we are all about sharing love and sweetness for all you ocean lovers.

do all things with a wild, kind & open soul and stay chilled babes.

keep it souled out!


We donate 15% of all profits to help free animals from capitivity and help wild animals from poaching and extinction. So far we have donated to a variety of charities in different amounts.

Not only do these people do well, but they also are good people who make a difference every day. I am inspired by them and hope one day I can be a part of it too. Please have a look at these beautiful websites, I will be owning some of these stunning clothes very soon, let’s all do good in our lives, let’s make a difference xx



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