Several million fewer bags have been destroyed- are we making a change?

When you go to a store and buy something its so easy to take a plastic bag without a second thought, but the new law (slightly late to start in Sweden) where you have to pay for your bag was brought in to change that. I wasn't that sure if it was a ploy just to get more money for companies or was it actually about the environment? But thanks to reading an article on Aftonbladet (Tagged here) I learnt that a lot of stores have seen a decrease of almost 40% of people using plastic bags. On store in Sweden 'JOY' reported a decrease of 60 percent. Thats 100,000 fewer plastic bags or three tons less plastic. Which is crazy! Imagine how happy the world (and waste sites) would be with 100,000 less bags per shop, that is amazing! Although this is only the beginning of everyone working together to make a difference, it is a great and exciting change which can be fun for us too! I have a bag of more cotton bags in my cupboard and whenever I go shopping I like to just put one in my pocket rather than a plastic bag, such a simple change that can make a huge difference and also be a fashion statement, who doesn't like a bright yellow bag, or even a designer bag.

Here are a few of my bags in my bag that can save the world, you should all get a cute save the world bag, there are a lot of beautiful ones around! Happy shopping everyone, feel good when you treat yourself and don't use a bag xx



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