Sexy and ethical? The perfect type of underwear

One of the best feelings is weaing a matching set of underwear, what makes it even better is when the underwear is ethical and supports single mothers in Colombia.

They focus on empowering people, minimize their environmental impact and giving you the freedom of choosing beautiful underwear whilst making the right decisions for the planet.


I love that they don't leave any waste, using any leftover material to create new garments and that the single mothers get paid above average wage, and are offered education so they can increase their expertise.

I absolutely adore the patterns and extra detail of the little gold shell. The underwear is comfy and you can choose between padded and not. Personally I got the unpadded Pherusa bra here and the matching Agaue panties here (Not an affiliated links, just for you to see for yourself)

I love a bra that I feel comfortable to be seen below my clothing.

A worthy company to support, and you should always treat yourself to some sexy underwear!

Website here.



Nice, yes it's detailed, ornate and very sexy, and I think just overall sustainability exudes more sexiness than unsustainability, after all what could be sexier than a life and planet affirming attitude? Everyday it's a choice - to understand, the underlying theme and story of underwear.
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