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I have an outfit post for you today! I wish I had enough time and a photographer to follow me around so that I could do lots of outfit posts, these are my favourite types of pictures and the type of blogs I love to read as I get super inspired and also find the combination of background colours and the outfits make really lovely pictures.

Today my outfit wasn’t 100% about sustainable materials but instead about where you get the clothing from. This is a newish jumper that I really love the detail of, it has the cute crossed back and is big enough to wear both off and on the shoulders and also tucked in, I have also seen people wear these types of jumpers with super cute shirts underneath, it’s a nice extra detail that I am a big fan of and really should have done today because I almost froze to death trying to get these pictures. What makes this jumper more sustainable is that it was actually a friend of mines Jumper and when it stretched too much and didn’t fit the way she wanted it to fit she decided to do a swap with me. This is a great way for you and your friends to mix up your wardrobe without having to spend extra pennies and buy it new from the store and have your other clothes just laying in the back of your wardrobe. You can totally make a whole fun event out of it, just imagine you and your friends all getting together with your unwanted clothing that you’ve just got bored off or don’t wear often enough, bring a bottle of fizzy and some snacks and having a swapping party! Simple ideas like this help the environment and also help you out a lot, even if you swap your clothes with your friends for a couple of months and then swap back you’ll have a whole ‘new’ wardrobe to show off to people and take pictures with but then also save money and space!

The next lovable item in my outfit was my scarf, this was hand knitted by Adi’s grandmother for me last Christmas and I love it, I know exactly where it came from and how far it has travelled plus I got to chose the length and style and colour so will 100% love and keep it for a long time. Knitting is something I actually want to learn, knitted jumpers and blankets are the cutest thing that I wish I had more of and so I could make my own which reduces the carbon footprint massively from my knitted wardrobe.

Finally these shoes were actually my mums, she bought them and wore them for a while but then realised they rubbed in the wrong place and so instead of just leaving them in the cupboard and forgetting about them, I took them instead. This of course helps a lot because I am the same size as my mum so often borrow (or take) some of her amazing clothes which increases my total outfits by a lot.

Little tricks like these can be a lot of fun for your attire and also make life a lot easier, I always remember my best friend Ellen and I would raid each other’s wardrobes if we ever had a date or something like that so we could wear lots of different cute outfits and style each other to make sure we could wear every type of style we would see from magazines or blogs. People always used to say to me its not about the quantity but about the quality of clothing and I completely agree with that in terms of buying hundreds of random pieces of clothing from H&M can never add up to having one really amazing and fashionable item from a more premium designer but I am a girl who likes to try to wear different outfits a lot of the time and shake things up, especially with my Instagram and blog, I always want different outfits to share with you and this is why sharing is definitely caring, I don’t want to spend lots of money on different outfits and I definitely do not want to be adding to the amount of clothing that is bought every day and supporting companies who do not think about where and how their clothing is made. So when you see all my outfits remember, although I do have a lot of clothing, a large amount of my stuff is borrowed, swapped or second hand!

Jumper: Nelly // Jeans: Levis // Shoes: Adidas // Earrings: Glitter

I am also obsessed with these cute simple earrings from Glitter, totally make every outfit when I put them on! I would love to know what you think of this outfit and what your favourite tricks to having different outfits are!



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