Stockholm’s press week inspiration

It is press week here in Stockholm so it has been three hectic days of meeting lots of people, learning about some amazing new companies and dressing sustainably and fabulously every day!

I love having the excuse to over dress and go out and take lots of pictures, once I have some spare time I will get them all edited and share them with you. I have been going to the events in the mornings and working in the evenings so do not have a lot of time to update and write some blog posts but feel free to head over to my Instagram (sustainablejasmin) where you can see my stories of the days events.

I have seen amazing accessories, clothing, interiors and eaten lots of food, and explored with @emelieolssons and Olivia, having a lot of laughs! I will be sharing a lot more pictures, some new earth friendly companies I have learnt about and a lot of new outfits with you!

I hope you are having a wonderful week and I look forward to updating you a lot more this weekend!



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