It my valentine surprise day, I decided this year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something extra special for my Valentine as we haven’t been able to spend that much time together these past two months with lots of work and studying happening.
So, first of all Adi has no clue about any of what is happening, I think he thinks we are going to a concert or something. Instead I have booked us a hotel room and made a little treasure hunt around the building to find clues to finally work out that we are staying there, inside the room I then have 5 little gifts that are all sense related and a sign saying ‘ being with you makes perfect sense’.

I absolutely love making surprises, I love coming up with ideas and clues and gifts to make a day extra special for someone. It doesn’t have to be expensive (which this isn’t as I had a deal here at the hotel) and is more about the thought behind it all. The room also has a bath tube which I am very excited about as we don’t have one at home so this definitely is a treat for us both!

Adi and I met in Australia when I was traveling over two years ago. We met through a friend in Sydney and well the rest is history and now I live in Sweden so my gap year ended up giving me a lot more than just ‘finding myself’. Our first Valentine’s Day was spent in Fiji when we had only been together for a shorter amount of time. We had realised that for the past two months we had done almost everything Sydney had to offer and wanted a scenery change, one day we discussed Fiji and the next we were on a plane. We didn’t really remember Valentine’s Day so didn’t celebrate it but then again we were on a beach in Fiji so I guess you can’t celebrate it any better.

So I have been doing some chores and getting everything ready and now I’m off to do the surprise! Head to my Instagram story Jasmintales to watch the surprise happen. I hope you have a lovely Saturday night and I look forward to updating you on how it all went tomorrow!



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