Sustainable eyewear is the best type of eyewear around!

Neubau Eyewear!

Here are my new and beautiful sunglasses from Neubau that are of course sustainable and super cute. I wrote a post about them in the Autumn last year (here if you want to read it) where I was first introduced to the awesome company that make the most amazing glasses and make their difference for the world.

They are made of NaturalPX which is sustainable, organic and renewable, plus it makes the really light weight and give them that glow when the sun hits them. They have a great outlook on how to treat the environment and much more, as it says on their website 'Conscious consumption and forward-looking production are the focus, and it starts with the material of our frames, but also affects the material of our spectacle case, cleaning cloths, our POS material, as well as the support of social projects empowering nature in urban surroundings.' They do so much to make a difference and still offer a great quality product that is beautiful, comfortable and feels just as classy as any other.

But thats not all they do, they also support other companies that make the difference like façade greening in Vienna, cooperate with a bee conservancy in New York City, and helping companies with recycling their products rubbish to be able to reuse it in another way.

My cleaning cloth is even made from recycled plastic bottles so everything about this company makes me happy, proud and 100% with them. Neubau Eyewear is awesome and I hope you think so too, here is the link to the website and I hope you enjoy all my pictures, more of me wearing them will be here when I see some proper sunshine. I have had a day of work and getting myself ready for the week, but now I am going to make some yummy dinner and have a relaxing evening. I would love to know what you think of the sunglasses and have a great start to the week!



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