Swedish Eco- the underwear everyone deserves!

I recently came across Swedish Eco on Instagram when I was on the hunt for some new and more comfortable underwear. I have been reading so many reports about how unhealthy it is to wear fabrics that are not breathable or organic around your most sensitive areas and wanted to give my body the very best it deserved.

One of my favouriteparts of Swedish Eco is the quote ‘Manufacturingprocess is designed to be good from seed to shelf’, it really means so much to know what Iam wearing is not only good for me, but also the people along the process whomake my clothing.

I have both sets in black and grey, I love both but thought I’d show you my black set now and more pictures will be coming soon in grey too! I love that it is a super simple style, that works with everything I wear. They are also super soft, so I wear mine all the time!

They have two styles of bottoms for women, bikini briefs and minishorts. The bikini briefs featured on me are my favourite, this sit really comfortably and don’t ride up my bum (personal hate with some underwear) but the shorts are also super comfy, I actually lounge around with them at home a lot.

I also love how earth friendly these products are, a perfect small change in your day to day life that can make a huge impact. Listed in the picture below are all the things they are!

They make me feel super comfortable and give me a little extra boost of confidence in my skin. I would highly recommend if you are looking to listen to your body more and give it the love and softness it deserves, then Swedish Eco is a great place to start!

The webiste for Swedish Eco is tagged here.

This is a gifted post but like always, all opinions thoughts and words are my own!

Lots of sustainable love,




Looks GOOD! Sexy eco babe <3
Love the packaging med älgen!
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