The prettiest shelf I ever did see!

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The weather is slowly getting warmer, but it also means lots of rain and a constant change of 10°C so my skin is feeling that change. I decided to have a clean up of my shelf and get in some fresh, summer loving and organic products. I think it is so important to have natural products that work for your skin, I love feeling like I have clean smooth skin after I was wash my face first thing in the morning and last thing at night and right now these are my favourite products.

The top shelf is full of my favourite products by Åleans Berså where I wrote about here if you haven't already read it, its all for my body keeping it soft and evenly toned and the second shelf is all for my face!

First is my body shop section, I have bad skin especially when the sun doesn't shine so these products are my life saver. I have been using these products for the longest time and they are absolutely my favourite, when I was younger if I ever had anything like a cut or itchy skin or anything my mum would tell me to put tea tree oil on it, guess I never stopped doing what my mum told me to do. You can find some of the products here.

Next up is my amazing Yves Rocher, a mix of hydrating and purifying anti pollution products that help to keep my skin feeling clean and super soft. I absolutely love using the anti pollution mask when I am feeling like my skin is just dry, especially with living in a city, its great to have it and use once a week. As you can see from the picture, the hydrating gel cream is my absolute favourite moisturiser, I have never felt anything so caring and purifying on my skin, I love it. All these products smell amazing and really add something to my skin routine. Different products found here.

Okay the deodorant isn't for my face obviously but is an important thing to have in the bathroom, this is my favourite organic deodorant right now that keeps the good smell and works good. I find with organic deodorants that often the smell disappears too quickly leaving you feeling smelly or the scent becomes more of a sour smell rather than sweet after an amount of time. This deo is a little stronger in smell which has meant that it doesn't wear out so quickly, I really like it and I find it leaves my under arms feeling soft. I have only been using it for a week so we will see.

Esse is one of the yummiest smelling exfoliators I have ever used. I love exfoliators especially now where my skin gets dry when its all rainy and nasty outside. I enjoy doing it every few days followed by my lovely Picaut overnight mask that allows me to sleep knowing my face is getting the treatment it deserves. I am not very good at sitting still with something on my face without touching it or forgetting, so its nice to have a mask I can leave on whilst I sleep that leaves my face feeling fresh the next day.

Finally I have my amazing Cicamed organic science products, I have the eye antioxidant that is great. I get dark circles under my eyes, especially when I am working the late nights and then going to school in the morning so calming gel gives my eyes the extra love. Did you know that the skin above your eyes in the thinnest part of skin on your body? So it is super super important that we are carful what we put on it, it all gets absorbed and with your eyes being so important we have to look after that area. I only allow organic, sensitive and caring products to go around my eyes and these guys do the trick. And finally I have my new SPF protection for when the sun finally comes out, its so important to care what we put on our face but also what ends up in the sea. No more chemicals that can kill our ecosystems and reefs. I will do a post about this when it becomes more summery but we have to really think about what we put on our bodies and then wash off in the sea.

This is my pretty, natural shelf that really allows me to care for my skin like it deserves. These are my favourite companies right now, what do you think? Do you have any favourite organic companies, love learning about new and different products to see what works best for me and share with you all! I have what I hope will be a relaxing weekend coming up, no work which will be nice and just some Jasmin loving time. I'm sure a few face masks and skin caring will be needed after trying some new makeup looks with new sustainable outfits! More will be shared soon!



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