The weekend

This weekend was very busy although I didn't work. It consisted of 5 hours of spring cleaning yesterday, do you know how much dust collects under your bed when you just store stuff there and never clean?? Lets just say by the end we felt very proud of ourselves but exhausted, it feels like we have made a fresh start for the spring, everything in its place and its shocking how much bigger the apartment feels when everything is tidy !

Today was a lovely day of doing the week shop, meeting Adis (and now my) friends and their very very cute babies outside for once, and even with the wind and a random spot of rain, it was a nice day. After we headed to the mall to eat these Icha Icha bowls that Adi is obsessed with so we could 'learn' whats inside so he could make it for his lunch boxes.

And then finally home to Fika and rest with a football game for Adi and a nap for me.

To finish this lovely weekend I watched a beautiful sunset from the balcony and now Adi is making risotto for dinner, all in all I feel like we accomplished a lot, rested well and feel good about the week to come. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that the spring is bringing new happiness and light into your lives xx



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