Time to learn Make up.

Today I started to think more about make up, my cousin is getting married in the summer and has asked if I wanted someone to do my makeup for me (I am one of the bridesmaids eeekkk), do I want that? Or can I do it myself? I once got my makeup done but it was so basic all I could think was that I would rather have spent the money on something else and just put on some lipstick on my own but with this new world of contouring, blending and baking would it be silly to miss up on the opportunity to get someone to do what looks best for me? I am not awful at make up, but then again I wear the basics and that’s easy enough to learn, I have never tried anything more intricate because I just down own the tools or colours to do so. I want to learn, I want to do more but for me right now I can’t justify spending the money I want to on makeup when I have so much to save for and think about. The second question is do you go for more high end makeup or do lower costing makeup do the same job? I have started watching Ladylike Buzz feed (linked the video below) and this was one of the questions they asked and showed what they thought, after watching that I am really questioning how much money should be spent for full coverage for a whole day and where from. I love mac lipstick of course but I cannot justify the animal testing they use, it disgusts me and if I want to make small changes that make a difference, using makeup that is cruelty free is super important, but there is so so much to think about… My head hurts.

So number one, things I do not own (I added pictures of pretty ones, visual aids help everyone):

Eye shadow- I have one very small palette for the last 5 years which has like 4 colours in so I don’t think that counts. Shop image Here.

Baking stuff- honestly I don’t even know what that is.. let me do some research. Ohhh it is a translucent setting powder that decreases wrinkles, creases and leaves you with a flawless finish plus brightens your face. Shop image Here.

Powder highlighter- I have a liquid form but that is rather hard to shimmer your whole face and I like sparkles.Shop image Here.

Setting spray- I do not use anything once I am done and then complain when its all gone after a couple of hours so this may be something useful. Shop image Here.

I actually probably need a whole new makeup kit but this is a good start, I was never big on makeup as a child and so never learnt the techniques and tricks but that is about to change so I hope you follow me on my journey on whether I can learn to do my makeup myself or have to pay a professional when it comes to the wedding. This is about finding makeup that lasts, works for me and is cruelty free/ environmental xx



Makeup works different on everybody, and everyone has different preferences. As a makeup artist I do recommend hiring someone to do your makeup, as it's something you don't need to worry about when the day comes. And they'll do so many steps that you didn't even think about. I think it's cheaper in that way, as you don't need to think about the time or products you'll need. Because if you want your makeup to stay all day and night you'll eventually spend money after all. xx Jessica
That is very true, thank you for the advice! I really appreciate it xx
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