Tricked by the swedish weather.

I wrote a post yesterday about how it is getting warmer and brighter and how excited I am to be able to just wear a jacket again but low and behold what I thought was rain last night turned out to be settling snow.. this weather is so confusing and odd! It still isn’t really cold but the snow makes everything beautiful and keeps the sky bright which I like however this isn’t what spring is really meant to look like. Soon enough hopefully the sun will come around but I think I have to be a lot more patient!

Today I had a checkup appointment at the doctors, as I have a few stomach and back pain problems and now have a lot more tests coming up in the next few weeks but I’ll update on that when I know what’s going on. Tonight I have work but for now I am resting and making some yummy food, I need a little cheeky treat to make my belly happy again. I hope you all have a yummy treat too xx



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