Work wear and growing up.

I work as a receptionist at a Hotel in Östermalm and have to wear smart casual everyday. However I tend to do the more jumper with shirt underneath look and go for warm rather than stylish right now as the reception isn’t always the warmest places. But I have been thinking a lot about my everyday outfits and evening wear and want to make a change. I am transitioning from my more teenage clothing to what I am interested and enjoy wearing today which means I am lacking in formal, smart-casual wear and need to make a change. Also when having dinners in the evening, or meeting friends for drinks I realised I really do not have that many nice tops that I can wear that are pretty but smart. I have been Interesting a lot of ideas of blouses that I think suit both work and evening occasions. I love the cute bow that you can tie yourself, especially with the flowy fabric I think it looks really lovely. Of course I am a fan of the white shirt and have a few myself but nothing smart. I think the transition we go through at the beginning of our 20s is interesting as it is an important part of our lives where we really become ourselves and learn more about the lives we want to live. We have to make decisions about living and working conditions, start paying our own bills and start to form the all important relationships with friends and partners that will stay with you through life, or you hope so.

I have heard that during the 20s you explore and try different things to become the person that makes you happy and then at 30 you are most grounded in who you are. I find it fascinating that right now things I read and see, people I speak to and spend time with, and the surroundings that I am in make me a different and hopefully better person everyday. Today I decided that I want to make the most of this learning and growing time and to meet many people and accomplish different things. I sent out emails and linked with people to start this process and want to do more. The thought about we only live once or is there more out there is often discussed between Adi and I, we have opposing beliefs but both agree that the idea of there being more is nice. However this makes us have a good view that we should make everything count, reduce our stress as much as possible and do everything we’ve ever wanted to do. I hope you all have a good and accomplishing day and if not make a new connection, meet with someone new and let yourself be inspired xx



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