Yellow is the happiest colour

Are you wearing earth loving clothes?

As the sun starts to shine and the tress get greener, I am able to bring out my summer colours and wear them with a smile! With my new focus on Environmental aspects to my everyday life I will include what is sustainable about my looks.

This weekend I went to have a fun day in the city and although it’s getting warmer here it is still not warm enough to not wear a jacket. This is my Espirt jacket, I love the blue blazer jacket as it is comfy, with a soft lining and works well to create a more business look to a comfy outfit.

Espirt have a great 3 pillar motto to their clothing ‘Sustainable Materials, Social Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability.’ This means they work with the international and local standards on labour rights to maintain responsible business practices. They collaborate with textile industries to ensure a sustainable goal is achieved with the materials and partner with local and industrial peers to participate in many multi-stakeholders and industry initiatives. It’s always interesting to have a look at large companies and see what they’re doing to make a change. Have a look at their website that explains more about how they achieve these three goals with their clothing.

Another sustainable part of my outfit is my yellow top, it was actually my grandmas many years ago and then gave it to me last time I visited (I am lucky enough that both my grandmother and mother have a good taste and are similar sizes to me) of course not everyone wants to wear clothes handed down to them but charity shops and second hand stores are great to find little treasures that can be worn often, reusing clothes and recycling yours helps reduce the huge amount we throw away every year! I hope you like the look, I also cut my hair last week and it is the shortest I have ever gone, What do you think? xx

Jacket- Espirt // Purple undertop- Topshop // Yellow top- My grandmothers //White trousers- Zara // Bag- Fiorelli // Shoes- Adidas



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