Zero waste lifestyles don't happen overnight!

Having a zero-waste lifestyle is an interesting journey and let me start by saying I am nowhere close to being zero-waste, but we do the best we can in our household.

My biggest problem is the lack of zero waste stores in Stockholm, and by lack, I mean absolutely none! Might be a great business idea in Sweden but right now I want to be able to buy pasta, beans and other staple foods in glass containers and just completely get rid of the basic plastic waste in that department. I try my best to buy things in cardboard, but it isn’t always possible.

Secondly are my beauty products, I am still in the process of using up everything in the cupboards, I will not be buying anything new that is made of plastic and want to use all the products up before I start the exciting process of buying pure products, like shampoo bars and I really want to use a charcoal face wash bar.

But these are things that we will be changing over time, it’s all about learning and doing your best to make the right changes. Our main goal at home is to recycle almost everything, we try not to buy anything that can’t be reused or recycled, this helps us to reduce our waste. But the sad reality is that plastic recycling just isn’t really recycling. Glass and paper can be used over and over again but plastic is just shredded down, allowing microfibers to end up in the water.

I am amazed that it is taking such a long time to find a better alternative to plastic that companies can start using straight away. I know that there are a multitude of alternatives, like the plates that you can eat after use or the hair shampoo bottle that you can plant when its empty that grow into a tree. However, I am not educated in understanding how much it costs to produce this, or what is most economic and sustainable. I would love to attend a lecture where I can learn more about why our world is so dependent on plastic and what options we have for the next steps.

The easiest changes in your home is things like not buying plastic bags, I have little vegetable bags and my usual shopping ones, plus I always have a small one folded in my daily bag in case I decide to buy something on my way home. Or many little things in your bathroom can be made plastic free, like the ear buds can be made from paper or cotton or soap bars rather than soap in a bottle.

I am going to repeat as I think it is really important to realise, this is not something that just happens over night! It is a process, people on Instagram sometimes show this perfect plastic free lifestyle and not the journey in between. It isn’t all simple and you shouldn’t feel guilty or stressed whilst trying to create this lifestyle. It’s all about learning and taking every day as it comes. There are alternatives and I am going to learn about them and share them with you!

We can do this together!





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