Sometimes showing our scars helps others to heal.

Hi, it’s me! Back again and ready for the year (I think), I spent the first few weeks of 2019 getting myself back into a school routine, seeing my family for a wedding and deciding what I want to accomplish this year.

School, did I say school? That’s right, well it’s University and I am studying a bachelor’s degree, but I am indeed back in full time education. It’s weird being back, I really like learning but it’s odd having such an open and constantly changing routine. Some days I start at 9 others at 13 so I have to try and keep to a strict schedule to make sure I eat well and do work every day. Its very easy to just leave everything to the last minute and watch almost every single Netflix programme available, but that isn’t healthy for my brain or my eyes!

I haven’t been very active on social media (other than my beloved Instagram) since I started school, I wanted to really make sure I settled in well, and I also wanted to have some time to decide what I wanted to do. Social media is getting harder as more people are doing what you do and with new algorithms and changes to stay ahead of. To put in my time and energy I wanted to be sure I was doing it for the right reason, I want to know what I am sharing and talking about is important and can make a difference. There has been so much news and change in the last few months about plastic and global warming, its exciting and scary at the same time. I want to learn more about this news, to understand what’s changing in this world and to share it all with you. Also, to share my sustainable journey, to explain what I find hard, and what becomes easier with time and how I do it.

Another change I want to make in my blog is to talk more about health, and a bit more personal talk which I am not sure how that will go but I think it is important to be open about. This past year has been a real change for me, a lot more hospital appointments, being diagnosed and learning to deal with chronic pain. Its an on going to journey and something I want to share for other people who are dealing with similar problems too. I just need to work out how to talk about it and in what way as I have never been a very open person, especially not on social media. However, the more time I spend learning about others the more I appreciate when people are truthful and honest, I love seeing all the good times in peoples lives but it can brainwash us all, sometimes showing our scars helps others to heal.

This will all be a learning curve for me, but I hope it will bring more authenticity to my blog and let you guys get to know me better. So stay tuned, some new changes, raw honesty and my sustainable journey will be coming up.

Photos by the amazing Adam Karny, check out his beautiful website here!



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